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Admission Procedures


Students can apply for any of the mentioned programs based on the eligibility criteria.
Admission on Site:
For taking admission student have to submit self attested Xerox copy of following documents to any authorized centre, Head office and corporate office of NIRMT.
1. XEROX copy of academic documents self attested with provisional certificate/degree/migration.
2. XEROX of a valid ID 
3. Xerox of a valid Photo ID Proof 
4. 5 Passport size coloured 5 Passport size coloured photograph.
5. An Updated CV
Process after Admission:
DAY 1 : Enrolment process.
DAY 10 to 20 : Admission Confirmation Letter & Student ID card
DAY 45 to 60 : Student material and books will be provided based on the payment mode made at the correspondence address of student.
Lateral entry can be provided on behalf of work experience as per the NIRMT terms and norms.
Admission Procedure for University Courses:-
Students can apply for any of the mentioned programs based on the eligibility criteria at any branch office or online.
DAY 1 : Enrolment process.
DAY 10 : Welcome letter
DAY 60 to 90 : Study materials and I D card will be provided based on the university criteria made by courier at correspondence address
Lateral entry can be provided as per the university terms based on last qualification.
• Work experience is not counted in any university program except EMBA


Examination Procedures


The students are assessed based on course work and examination for every program. NIRMT functions with the philosophy that the three-hour class room examination system is old fashioned as it only puts additional stress on students. Thus a student is given flexibility to appear for exams via multiple options which are available with us. Once a student is ready for an exam, they are required to inform us via telephone or Email .
1 – Exam From Home 
As soon as the students are ready to take the exams they are required to call the institute for question papers which are to be answered from the comfort of their homes. The candidates are required to submit the answers within the prescribed time limit to the institute through courier or speed post. This unique methodology helps students to write best answers based on case studies and personal experience, a format similar to that of students in Ph. D. Program. ‘NIRMT has designed this novel, liberal, rhetoric education methodology that allows students to make maximum benefits in writing answers to secure higher grades. The mark sheet and certificate shall be dispatched to all successful candidates within one month of the submission of the answer sheets.
Open Book test System: 
In an open book exam, students are evaluated on understanding rather than recall and memorization. You will be expected to
• apply material to new situations
• analyze elements and relationships
• synthesize, or structure
• evaluate using your material as evidence
Access to content (books, notes, etc.) varies by instructor. The exam can be taken at home or in the classroom with questions unseen before exam time. Do not underestimate the preparation needed for an open book exam: your time will be limited, so the key is proper organization in order to quickly find data, quotes, examples, and/or arguments you use in your answers.
2 – Examination Held at Study Centre 
If the students desire to appear for three hour class room examination, they can do so. The exams will be conducted at ‘Wisdom’ study centre. In such a case the students will not be allowed to refer the study material in the examination centre. The students should intimate the preference for this option at the time of registration.
A+      75% and above
A        65-74%
B        55-64%
C        50-54%
D        Re – Examination
Students will be given the opportunity for Re-examination. If they have failed, a fee of Rs. 750 per credit will be charged for each re-examination.
*Terms & Conditions apply admin@nirmt.com